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Trending Dealers is your new favorite premier online marketplace. With plenty of dealers on our roster, we benefit your usual shopping experience by giving you the best items at the greatest value from the most remarkable sellers.
We value your security above all and strive to provide the safest place for you to sell and shop without compromising your budget, style, and comfort. All dealers are required to use PayPal. So that means every transaction is backed by PayPal. So you can contact PayPal also if there is ever an issue with your transaction, even if you paid with a credit card!


On top of being a reliable marketplace, Trending Dealers is also a community. One that provides countless opportunities for both dealers and buyers to grow and benefit from. With features like being able to message dealers plus our community forum, relationships and opportunity blossom into collaborations and new friendships. Looking for that specific rookie card? Post in our forum and see if someone has it! Want to find a certain pair of Yeezy’s in your size? Ask our dealers directly by messaging them or post in our forum and see if someone can find that pair for you! What to chat with other collector about your favorite hobby? There are users waiting and willing to talk to you! With everyone working together the possibilities are endless. Were a community that supports everybody’s businesses, goals, and common interests.


But who are the dealers?

The Dealers are the heart and soul of our marketplace. We find and attract the best dealers in the game. Our marketplace features a wide variety of categories but most dealers specialize in trading cards, sneakers and fashion. These Dealers are the supreme leaders in their respected industries. By viewing each dealers profile you can learn more about each individual dealers products, services and back story. When your buying from a trending dealer your not only supporting small business but buying from sellers who actually care about the industry they are in. Most of our dealers started out like you, shopping in a field they were interested in. Either as a hobby or a side business. They eventually grew into what they are today, industry leaders.


There are thousands of online marketplaces you can find, but what makes Trending Dealers stand out? Trending Dealers is your new one-stop shop for everything you may need – whether it is to complete your outfit, finding rare trading cards, sneakers or other collectables we got it all. Aside from our mission to build a community that supports sellers and buyers alike, we also make sure that you get the most out of your money too. We take online shopping seriously and we want to make sure you find everything you want and need at Trending Dealers. We partner with dealers who are very reliable and have stellar reputation as businesses in bringing you the best items your money could buy. We value the entire consumer experience and Trending Dealers has been designed for your convenience too. Our website and app are regularly maintained and checked for any bugs and glitches to enhance your experience in browsing and shopping, and to ensure the security of the information you share on the platform too. 


At Trending Dealers, our partner merchants are called Dealers.  As part of the many wonders of operating a business online, we partner with sellers from all around the world in order to bring our customers as many options as possible without compromising the quality. A dealer can be a solo entrepreneur or an independent shop that specializes in trending products or services. Our diverse roster of dealers include resellers of your favorite trendy items and independent brands that offer their own designs, crafts, and collections. Most online marketplaces would only do the same things – have you sign up, list your products, and charge you fees. At Trending Dealers, we value your growth too.  Aside from giving your business a platform to operate, we also put our best efforts in helping you grow with us. We provide plenty of opportunities for our dealers by making sure that their products and services are seen by an audience made of quality potential customers through newsletters, blogs, and social media features.  As a dealer, you also get access to exclusive tips, techniques, and strategies to maximize your potential in the ecommerce industry with blogs that are designed and crafted specifically for your growth. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and become part of our community, click here to sign up as a dealer! 

Our History

Trending Dealers started as an events company. We primarily focused on hosting sneaker exchanges, but also did musical concerts as well. We were already pretty successful, but we definitely have grown a lot from our humble beginnings. One thing we always knew we needed was a strong online presence. Thus Trendingdealers.com was born.

Eventually, Trending Dealers grew into a community aside from just being a marketplace. During events, people began socializing and networking with each other. Everyone had the same mentality and wanted to capitalize on the opportunity these events bring.

Our Mission

Our mission at Trending Dealers is to grow into a supreme marketplace that is not only a resource for merchants and customers, but a community where everyone prospers together. We understand the impact relationships between merchants and customers have in not only the growth of a business, but also the overall consumer experience. This is why we strive to build a powerful platform that both buyers and sellers can leverage to a mutual advantage.  We are committed to providing the safest marketplace for both buyers and sellers. That is why we vet each dealer and every transaction is backed by PayPal.

Not only is our goal to be the premier online marketplace, our personal mission is to use our platform to give back. This is why we work with the most trustworthy and dedicated charities. We want whatever success we humbly obtain to not only benefit ourselves, but our community. We dedicate a tremendous amount of our resources into researching charities. We not only research what their primary objective is, but if they are successful in making an impact.

Our Vision

Trending Dealers is more than just an online marketplace, it is an avenue for both dealers and customers to grow and benefit . Our vision is being a community that supports everybody’s businesses, goals, and interests. We aim to grow into the premier online marketplace through values rooted in accountability, integrity, transparency, collaboration, and an absolute commitment to the needs of the members of our community.  We believe that your growth is our growth too. 

We envision our customers  having the most convenient, safe secure buying experience possible. We want them to have the tools to be able to find exactly what they want and know they are buying from safe secure Dealers.

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Dealers – Please, only select “Variable” products if your product comes in different variations, for example: You have one T-shirt that comes in multiple different sizes (S, M, L).

When you select “Variable” product, you must choose ‘variable’ from ATTRIBUTES. (Which can be located further down the page) If the desired attribute is not there, please contact us so we can potentially add it.

FYI: “Simple” product will work best for most product types. Again, “Variable Product” is only needed for one single product that has different variables like sizes, colors, etc. We encourage you to add product attributes on both simple and variable products to improve search and filter results. On a “Simple” product attributes are optional but on a “Variable” product they are required.

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    We recommend using JPEG when ever possible.
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    3. Uploading directly from an iPhone or Android

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    First: Please check you are using the latest IOS or OS. If not update the software on your phone. Our system is constantly updating and works best from the latest operating system.

    Second: Try taking a “screenshot” of image and uploading the screenshot instead of the original image.

    If you are still having trouble on your phone you can re-try again on a laptop, desktop or tablet. No matter your device running the latest operating system will work work best. If still experiencing issues, please contact us dealersupport@trendingdealers.com

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