5 Ways to Boost Sales

Boost Your Sales in 5 Easy Ways As an entrepreneur who runs their business completely online, there are plenty of things you have to monitor consistently to make sure that you are generating income. You have marketing campaigns, inventory, customer feedback, sales, and many more, depending on the kind of business you are operating. If …

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Maximize Online Shopping

How To Maximize Online Shopping Β  Technology is constantly evolving and it is taking everyone and everything with it too, including marketplaces and retail stores.Β  In the last decade, the majority of entrepreneurs and corporations all over the world have started taking the internet more seriously, maximizing it for marketing and generating revenue. Every brand …

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    The vast majority of images will upload easily and successfully.

    If you are having trouble uploading an image it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

    1.The file type is incorrect.
    You can only upload file types .jpg, .jpeg, and .png

    Changing the file type of an existing file will not work and may corrupt the image file. For example, if your image is testimage.webp and you try to change it to testimage.jpg, it will fail.

    2. The files size is too large
    You can only upload files up to a maximum of ????kb. Files above that size will be resized – and it may be reshaped in the process. Try to use square images as far as possible to avoid reshaping.
    The resizing will only work on images less than 2mb in size. Above that, the resizing doesn’t work and the image upload will fail.

    3. Uploading directly from an iPhone or Android
    There have been reports on the Internet of images failing to upload due to settings on iPhones and Androids. First, please check you are using the latest IOS or OS. Make sure you are using the correct image file type. Sometimes taking a “screenshot” of image and uploading the screen shot instead might work, if original image is problematic. If still experiencing issues, please contact us.

    4. Shape of the images
    The images should be square and 1000px by 1000px. If you upload other shapes, you risk the image being cropped and looking strange.

    Correct shape – square
    Incorrect shape – with possible cropping of the image