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Hello Dealers for your convince we can upload your products for you.

In order to do so we just need you to email us the appropriate information to

After products are uploaded you can edit or remove them at any time from your dealer dashboard under the products tab. We do are best to upload products as fast as possible, but wait times may occur. The fastest way to upload products and get them onto the marketplace will always be directly from your dashboard.

Things we need:

  1. ย Your best photos of the product you want to sell.
    (For more info on taking high quality pictures you can see our blog here.)
  2. The price you want to list your for. If you want to list your item on sale, please include both the sale price and original price. We can also schedule a sale for you at a certain date. So for example: If you want to start product at $100 then mark it down to $80 after set date we can do that. Please just inform us of desired sale start date.
  3. The Brand of the product.
  4. A detailed description of the product.
  5. The Condition the product is in.
  6. Your preferred shipping price
    When it comes to shipping you have three options.
    – Your store’s default settings
    – Set price (tell us now how much you want to charge for shipping on this one item)
    – Free shipping
  7. Product attributes: such as Size, Color, Grade etc.

The more info you can give us the better of course. Any question regarding this topic please email us at thank you dealers!

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Dealers โ€“ Please, only select “Variable” products if your product comes in different variations, for example: You have one T-shirt that comes in multiple different sizes (S, M, L).

When you select “Variable” product, you must choose ‘variable’ from ATTRIBUTES. (Which can be located further down the page) If the desired attribute is not there, please contact us so we can potentially add it.

FYI: โ€œSimple” product will work best for most product types. Again, “Variable Product” is only needed for one single product that has different variables like sizes, colors, etc. We encourage you to add product attributes on both simple and variable products to improve search and filter results. On a “Simple” product attributes are optional but on a “Variable” product they are required.

    Your Name:

    The vast majority of images will upload easily and successfully.

    If you are having trouble uploading an image it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

    1.The file type is incorrect.
    You can only upload file types .jpg, .jpeg, and .png

    We recommend using JPEG when ever possible.
    You can most likely change the file type if needed by right clicking on the image and selecting:
    Quick Action > Convert Image
    Format: โ€œJPEGโ€
    Image size: โ€œActual sizeโ€ (Unless you need to change size, then choose accordingly)

    2. The files size is too large
    You can only upload files up to a maximum of 1920 pixels. Files above that size will be resized – and it may be reshaped in the process. Try to use square images as far as possible to avoid reshaping.
    The resizing will only work on images less than 2mb in size. Above that, the resizing doesn’t work and the image upload will fail.

    3. Uploading directly from an iPhone or Android

    If you are having trouble uploading from your mobile device. Always make sure you are using the correct image file type. If you are we recommend:

    First: Please check you are using the latest IOS or OS. If not update the software on your phone. Our system is constantly updating and works best from the latest operating system.

    Second: Try taking a “screenshot” of image and uploading the screenshot instead of the original image.

    If you are still having trouble on your phone you can re-try again on a laptop, desktop or tablet. No matter your device running the latest operating system will work work best. If still experiencing issues, please contact us

    4. Shape of the images
    The images should be square and 1000px by 1000px. If you upload other shapes or sizes the image may be resized but you risk the image being cropped and looking strange.

    Correct shape – square
    Incorrect shape – with possible cropping of the image
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