Terms and Conditions for Dealers

Terms & Conditions

Our goal at Trending Dealers is to help you as a seller reach more people with your unique products and give you as many opportunities for growth as possible. 

By creating a dealer account at Trending Dealers, all sellers must agree to the following terms and conditions: 


The Trending Dealers community will connect you as a dealer to many customers that may take interest in the products you are selling. 

Communication plays a vital role in every transaction you will have in the marketplace. Make sure to be available to our customers and respond as quickly to inquiries as you can – ideally within 24 hours from when messages are received, to help sell your items faster and build trust between your brand and our customers. 

To help keep every transaction’s security, always use the chat function of the Trending Dealers website or app for all communications between customers. 


Businesses earn a huge chunk of their profit from returning customers and referrals. One of our goals at Trending Dealers is to make sure that trust is fostered between dealers and buyers, and that both parties are always well-informed.

Your product listings will be your strongest helper in selling your items. As all of our operations at Trending Dealers happen online, they will serve as your store window and your sales assistant in every transaction. 

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when preparing your product listings at Trending Dealers:

  • Product descriptions must be clear, complete and accurate. Include the brand, condition, size, color, and other important variables.
  • Do not cover up any possible damages or faults if you are listing pre-loved items.
  • Be honest with your products’ authenticity. Trending Dealers encourages originality and authenticity. 
  • Replicas are also allowed on the marketplace, posting replica or fake products will result in suspension or removal from marketplace.
  • Made to order items are allowed on the marketplace, only if the product description specifically indicates that they are not ready-made and may take time to be shipped out. 
  • Product photos should be real photos of the products listed. 
  • Stock photos for product listings are only allowed for brand new and unused items.
  • Illegal items will not be allowed on Trending Dealers.


As part of our mission to provide a safe marketplace for both dealers and buyers, we will intervene and mediate in any kind of dispute that is reported before, during, and after a transaction done within the Trending Dealers community as needed.

Our support team will be ready to resolve any concerns you may have about your transaction or the payments you will receive in the marketplace. Any and all transactions and payments must be made only through the Trending Dealers website or app to ensure coverage and protection from the Trending Dealers team. 

Trending Dealers will not be held responsible for any disputes or issues that may occur outside our marketplace, even when the parties involved are members of the Trending Dealers community. 


Our mission as a premier marketplace is to provide an avenue for fast and secure transactions for all the members of the Trending Dealers community. 

We strongly advise dealers to ship orders out within 1-3 days from the order date to avoid any further delays that your selected shipping company may encounter. If products are made to order, make sure that it is indicated and specified in your dealer bio or your product listing to avoid any complaints from our customers. 

Dealers are also strongly encouraged to use tracked shipping to help secure orders and keep customers in the know. Provide tracking information after every transaction to avoid any complaints from customers while waiting for their deliveries to arrive. 

Follow necessary safety protocol before shipping orders out. Make sure that you clean and sanitize all items before packing and shipping to the respective buyers. 


Your transactions do not end once your customer receives their orders. At Trending Dealers, we value our customers’ overall satisfaction too. Be available until after each customer receives their orders to answer any questions, concerns, and feedback on your products. 


At Trending Dealers, we do not place a permanent refunds and returns policy for every dealer in the community. Each dealer has the liberty to create and implement their own, as long as they will clearly state it in their product description or dealer bio on the Trending Dealers website or app.

Having a refunds and returns policy is not required by Trending Dealers, but is highly recommended. Dealers that allow refunds and returns are more likely to convert traffic into sales. 


The operations of a marketplace such as Trending Dealers take a lot of time and effort from the members of the support teams. 

To help enhance and maintain the safety and convenience of the Trending Dealers community, all dealers must agree to pay a selling fee of 10% for each transaction. 

The selling fee amount is not permanent and is subject to change at Trending Dealers’ discretion


As part of the Trending Dealers community, all members are expected to act with integrity and accountability. 

All of our dealers are responsible for paying sales tax in strict compliance with all applicable sales and consumer laws as needed.

If the situation calls for it, we strongly recommend that you contact appropriate tax advisers/authorities for further information and assistance. 


At Trending Dealers, we encourage the growth of all our members in the community. We provide all the channels and opportunities for dealers to interact with customers and as much support as needed before, during, and after each transaction made on the Trending Dealers website or app. 

For any possible disputes or concerns, we advise all dealers and buyers to try to reach a resolution amongst each other as much as possible. Trending Dealers gives you the option to contact each other directly through the website and app to settle any concerns during the transaction. 

In the event of disputes that need further assistance, the Trending Dealers support team will always be ready to intervene and help. 

Make sure that all disputes are reported within 24 hours for more efficient resolution. Once a report has been submitted, make sure that you are available to communicate more details of the issue reported so our support team can take action as soon as possible.


All terms, conditions, and policies are strictly enforced in the Trending Dealers community. Any violation will be subject to disciplinary action which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Product listing suspension
  • Product listing cancellation
  • Dealer rating reduction
  • Account restrictions
  • Account suspension
  • Account deletion

Let’s work together in making Trending Dealers a premier marketplace where all members are safe, protected, and respected. 

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Dealers – Please, only select “Variable” products if your product comes in different variations, for example: You have one T-shirt that comes in multiple different sizes (S, M, L).

When you select “Variable” product, you must choose ‘variable’ from ATTRIBUTES. (Which can be located further down the page) If the desired attribute is not there, please contact us so we can potentially add it.

FYI: “Simple” product will work best for most product types. Again, “Variable Product” is only needed for one single product that has different variables like sizes, colors, etc. We encourage you to add product attributes on both simple and variable products to improve search and filter results. On a “Simple” product attributes are optional but on a “Variable” product they are required.

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    The vast majority of images will upload easily and successfully.

    If you are having trouble uploading an image it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

    1.The file type is incorrect.
    You can only upload file types .jpg, .jpeg, and .png

    We recommend using JPEG when ever possible.
    You can most likely change the file type if needed by right clicking on the image and selecting:
    Quick Action > Convert Image
    Format: “JPEG”
    Image size: “Actual size” (Unless you need to change size, then choose accordingly)

    2. The files size is too large
    You can only upload files up to a maximum of 1920 pixels. Files above that size will be resized – and it may be reshaped in the process. Try to use square images as far as possible to avoid reshaping.
    The resizing will only work on images less than 2mb in size. Above that, the resizing doesn’t work and the image upload will fail.

    3. Uploading directly from an iPhone or Android

    If you are having trouble uploading from your mobile device. Always make sure you are using the correct image file type. If you are we recommend:

    First: Please check you are using the latest IOS or OS. If not update the software on your phone. Our system is constantly updating and works best from the latest operating system.

    Second: Try taking a “screenshot” of image and uploading the screenshot instead of the original image.

    If you are still having trouble on your phone you can re-try again on a laptop, desktop or tablet. No matter your device running the latest operating system will work work best. If still experiencing issues, please contact us dealersupport@trendingdealers.com

    4. Shape of the images
    The images should be square and 1000px by 1000px. If you upload other shapes or sizes the image may be resized but you risk the image being cropped and looking strange.

    Correct shape – square
    Incorrect shape – with possible cropping of the image