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Why You Should Sell on Trending Dealers

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Why You Should Sell on Trending Dealers

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Why you should sell on Trending Dealers

Over the past decade, we have seen tremendous growth in e-businesses, with ecommerce ranking on top. E-businesses generally refers to any business that operates on the internet, while ecommerce mainly covers buying and selling goods or services online. 

Along with the continuous development of technology, consumers now prefer doing their shopping online as they have more freedom to search, compare, and get feedback on different products and services wherever they may be. This caused a huge spike in merchants deciding to take their businesses online, and at Trending Dealers, we promise to help in the process. 

Online Platforms

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Before the ecommerce era, a shopper would have to take time out of their normal routines and travel to stores to find the products and services they want to avail. Today, many platforms have become available to almost everybody, making entrepreneurship more accessible than ever. 

However, not all platforms are friendly to both buyers and sellers. Some are very technical and some can be a little too informal. Some will have thousands of similar products listed with confusing prices, while some do not have too many listings, limiting consumers’ options to just a few. These are just some of the many dilemmas that shoppers want to eliminate. 

Trending Dealers is an exclusive community where premier dealers showcase unique products, services, and styles in a diverse marketplace.

Check out these other reasons why you should sell on Trending Dealers:

  • Great selling fees

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Ecommerce platforms charge sellers a fee for each product or service they sell. These fees are used to maintain the platforms, promotion and make improvements  as necessary. 

Most platforms will charge you a minimum of 20% of each sale, and honestly, that is a pretty big amount especially for merchants who are just starting out. This often causes a significant markup in the retail price and overpricing your products will cause potential buyers to check other similar ones out. 

At Trending Dealers, we keep the selling fees to a minimum of 10% + .30¢ per sale to make sure that your products sell fast and you profit from them too. We also offer various subscription packages witch can further reduce selling fees resulting in higher profit margins amongst other benefits.

  • Become visible to a larger market

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It’s easy to sell something when you are selling in the right place. 

Your business earns profit when your products and services are purchased. However, when you are not offering them to the right people, your sales will fall through the cracks no matter how affordable and high-quality your items are. 

Trending Dealers caters to a larger market than most online platforms, giving your business more visibility and online presence. With more people within your reach, your brand will become more familiar to consumers, and you will be selling more.

  • Newsletter features

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Sending out newsletters is a great way to communicate with your market, connect with your customers, build a better reputation, and drive sales. Statistically, newsletters have a much higher engagement rate than other forms of marketing done online because of how it is executed.

Newsletters are sent to subscribers’ email addresses, always notifying them and reminding them of the deals and promotions we have on Trending Dealers, along with a few special segments dedicated to our dealers.

As part of our goal to boost your brand’s visibility to a bigger market, we feature our registered dealers and what they offer in the newsletters we send to the Trending Dealers community as often as we can. 

  • Advanced seller profile and dashboard

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Merchants that sell their products and services in a physical store have many opportunities to impress their customers from the store’s aesthetic to pleasing customer service. These are things we do not have when we operate online.

What we do have online though, are profiles that could show your customers what they need to see to be convinced to purchase from you. Your Trending Dealers seller profile has customization options that allow you to show your customers why they should buy your products.

Trending Dealers also has an advanced dashboard that will help you easily track statistics, product inventory, orders, top selling products and so much more. 

  • Easily feature your Social Media & be featured on ours

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Having a strong social presence online helps you connect more with your customers, increase brand awareness, generate more leads, and boost sales. 

As of 2020, over 3 billion people are on social media almost everyday. This means getting your brand on social media will allow you to reach a wider audience than you would with regular marketing activities.  We make it easier to feature your social media accounts right in your dealer profile. Witch leads to more interactions and more sales for you. When customers see your social media accounts they get to know your brand better and build more trust.

At Trending Dealers, your online presence is important. We can feature our dealers and the products they sell on on our social media accounts, to give dealers more exposure and attract more potential customers.  We work with social media specialist to make the most of our social media accounts. Being Featured on one of our social media pages typically leads to more sales and brand recognition for the dealers.

  • Get exclusive tips and potentially featured in our blogs

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Selling your products and services online may seem as easy as uploading photos and listing them on the platform, but there is so much more to ecommerce than that. 

With the constant rise of the number of consumers who prefer to shop online, the competition grows too. With more competitors on the market selling similar products, it is essential that you stand out! 

We try to feature as many sellers as possible in our highly viewed blog. Being featured in our blog is great way for custmer to get yo know your brand and the prodcuts or services you sell.  To help increase brand exposure we feature many new members in our “New Dealer Blog” to help skyrocket their brand. We also feature many products in our trending products blog witch of course results in a shout out and link to the dealers profile.

Trending Dealers has many different types of blogs and many ways to be featured in it. Never hesitate to request a feature by emailing

Trending Dealers is devoted to helping your brand grow its online presence and generate as much revenue possible. Our team works with researchers and strategists that will help give our dealers the best ideas to drive more sales.

Aside from allowing you to showcase your trendy and unique products on Trending Dealers, you will get an all-access pass to the best sales and marketing tips from our blog too!

  • All-star customer service support

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Generally, we would think that customer support is only important to make sure our customers get the best service possible while shopping online. However, that’s not entirely true!

As we pledge to provide great customer service to our buyers, we offer the same all-star level customer support to our dealers as well. Your selling experience should be as flawless as possible and with technology naturally having a few glitches here and there, our customer support team will be here to take care of your needs. 

There are many more reasons for you to choose Trending Dealers as your partner in ecommerce, but we would leave the rest for you to experience personally. We care about your business and we will make sure that you get the most out of your experience with us.

What are you waiting for? Click here to sign up and join our growing family of Trending Dealers today! 

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